I Love The Simpsons

Crazy about the Simpsons these days, I’m searching everything about the great works.

I found a website named Simpsonizeme.com, where a software can create your own Simpson avatar in accordance with your photo. I visited there tens of times, but only saw “Due to the immense popularity of SimpsonizeMe.com, we are unable to Simpsonize you at this time. Please try again later”. I’m so sad, still unable to be one of the Simpsons.

So, you can imagine how fast the Simpson family is expanding in terms of members. As members of the Simpsons, you may not know me (I will be Simpsonized with all my efforts), and I may not know you. But we all know Homer, Marge, Bart, Maggie and some others in Springfield. Then who is the greatest member in our family?

After a survey by Entertainment Weekly, Homer was named this June the greatest character for TV and movies in the past 20 years. Reuters, the serious media, used “Woo-hoo!” in the title of a report about the crowing.

It seems that the Beer-swilling, doughnut-lover Homer has unanimously been the family’s superstar. Dear Homer, please accept the late congratulations from me, and I love you. But frankly, I love your son Bart more and I think the same is true of some others.

I have 800 Facebook friends, of whom, five take Bart as their profile pictures but only one choose Bart. In fact, before I started to watch the Simpsons a month ago (what a pity !), I had kept in mind the image of Bart, who has originated a great number of dolls.

Anyway, the Simpsons is really a miracle. Since its debut in December 17, 1989, it has going on for 20 years, 21 seasons, and more than 450 episodes. But the Simpsons’ images are as simple as they were 20 years ago. So you may wonder why the design would be so endurable and beloved for so long.

That may be because the images conform so tightly to people’s conception of father, mother, and son. Take Homer for example. He has the characteristics that are supposed to be for a father, such as dignity, sense of protection, kind heart, and sense of justice, which have been stressed in the series.

Bart inherits the sense of justice from his father, but he loves to play tricks on others and seems not so ambitious. Yeah, Bart might be annoying if he was your own child, however, don’t you think he is lovely? Or do you want your own children to be the other way?

So let’s enjoy the Simpsons, the stories of our own.

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