My Favorites Anime Series

my first magical girl anime series is Majokko Tickle. And it’s my first childhood idol. Back then, there were no cartoons featuring independent, misbehaving girls as positive and cool protagonists and for me that was an absolute revelation. With this anime I became addicted to Japanese animation because it was giving the characters with whom I could idenitfy a sense of realism, and made them more human and less sugar-coated despite all the magic they were involved in.

2) Yattaman - another awesome anime that made me addcited to the very animesque over-the-top humor and portrayals of villains whom you can’t not love. I was told there’s a live action movie based on it, but I haven’t found it yet. The villainous woman’s boobs were popping out of her outfits all the time — that was something unheard of in animated shows of that time.

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