All Kinds Of USB flash drive

If you are demanding for more cool stuff in shape of USB flash drive, you have to check out’s collection of USB Drive& U-Disk or you’ll regret it!

1. The latest design is a Hello Kitty USB Flash Drive with key chain. It’s a cool flash drive when plugged in to your laptop. Check out the photos:

2. Next I will show you a Santa Shaped 2GB USB Drive

Featuring 2GB USB Flash Drive, you can definitely store up to 500 songs and as many as 2000 photos. Well, 2GB is pretty common these days. But the design is truly uncommon and pretty pricey to get one.

3. Is this an Ice Cream ? NO!!! It’s an Ice Cream Shape Drive-less USB Memory Stick. We offer differentmemory sizes,you can according to your own needs, choose a different type of memory size.

Detailed images:
4. Do you like Small animals ?The next cute dog and monkey, if you see, you would like to own one.

5. Bag Shaped USB 2.0 Drive Stick?It is impossible. But in, this impossible becomes  possible.Check out the photos:

Haha, Is it  funny?

6. Have you seen Taichi Pattern? This Mini USB Drive Stick U Disk will show you.

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