How To Hide Magic Props on the Stage

Magic is the art of illusion. Every magician should know how to hide their props properly on the stage so that the audience will not be able to catch them perform their magic tricks. There are several techniques that you can use in order to hide magic props on stage. Some of them are simple while others may require more effort.

Follow these tips to know how you can hide magic props on stage:

  • Hide props in your clothes. One of the easiest things you can to hide magic props while performing on stage is to keep the props in the pocket of your clothes. This is a good technique to use if you are working with small props such as cards, ropes, coins or any small materials. You can have your clothes tailor-made so that you can specify the number of pockets you want and how deep you want them to be. Another option is to hide the props in the sleeves of your clothes.
  • Distract the audience. Another powerful hiding technique is to distract the audience to throw them off. When they are distracted, that is the time when you can make the props appear ‘out of nowhere’. There are several things you can do for distracting the audience. Usually, magicians rely on their sexy assistants to distract the audience while they are performing magic tricks. This is one of the best techniques to hide magic props while performing on stage.
  • Camouflage technique. Camouflage the props and paint them in a color that will blend with the background on stage. This is a tedious process since you have to find the right color or paint so that the props will not be seen by the audience. To do this, paint only one side of the prop. To make the object appear in a second, just flip the object to make the other side, which is not painted, appear. This technique works for bigger objects such as boxes, cages and even animals.
  • Use a black sheet. Magicians typically use a solid black sheet for hiding their props. You can use a black sheet with other items such as tables or apple boxes to hide your props on stage. Just make sure that you hide the props completely from view. Another thing to remember is to use very thick black material so that the audience will not detect the shapes that you are hiding. To test your black sheet, shine a light on it and see if the items on the other side are visible. If you can see a silhouette, you have to use a thicker sheet.

Now you know how you can hide props while doing tricks on the stage. There are other options for you to hide the props. You can hide it in the audience or back stage. The most important thing is that you know how you can retrieve your props properly so that the audience does not notice it.

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