Apple iPhone 2.0.2 software problems unresolved, 3G calls still dropped

This afternoon, Apple issued a firmware update 2.0.2, which like the first update, Apple gave no information about the issues or dropped calls users were experiencing.

Apple promised that the new 3G iPhone would work super fast on 3G networks, though when switching between networks, iPhone users calls were being dropped.  Apple made no mention of the issue and never admitted to a problem with the feature-rich newer version that’s being sold by Best Buy stores.

ComputerWorld’s Gregg Keizer noted that “Users expecting to see a fix for long-running 3G reception issues, however, were mostly disappointed. The majority who posted messages on the subject to Apple’s support forum after installing iPhone 2.0.2 said that the update had not solved their problems.”

No word on whether the iPhone 3G problems are linked to a chipset issue or AT&T network problems – or both – as the 242 megabit file released today just doesn’t solve the problems.

An internal memo is supposedly circulating that was handed down by none other than Apple founder Steve Jobs who allegedly said in the ‘internal memo’ that iPhone 3G was released too early.  “It was a mistake to launch MobileMe at the same time as iPhone 3G, iPhone 2.0 software and the App Store,” Jobs wrote.  “We all had more than enough to do, and MobileMe could have been delayed without consequence.”

While it makes sense that Jobs would be disappointed in the rollout of MobileMe along side Apple’s iPhone 3G, but to think he’d tell-all in a memo – and the Corporation not make a follow-on public statement – just sounds sort of out there, like trying to make a call on your 3G… Hello!  Is anybody there?

Apple has given all MobileMe subscribers another extension on their service because of ongoing issues. The new extension is 60 days and will stack on top of any previous extensions granted to suffering MobileMe users.  If Jobs were to bitch about anything, it was the costly extensions to Apple’s service plan for its MobileMe feature.  If it gets any worse, Apple will have to start calling it MobileNot.

Arstechnica’s Jacqui Cheng first wrote about the employee email Jobs supposedly sent on August 4th.  There was so much skepticism about the authenticity, Arstechnica post ‘the entire email’ the following day (please note, this the text of the message – supposedly).

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