Investigation about Interest in Buying for Gifts, iPad Comes First

According to Investigation Organization Nielsen, among favorite gifts 31% of American kids longing for in the next 6 months, iPad comes the first in all the electronics. The result is as follow: iPad (31%) and iPod Touch (29%) even exceed Nintendo DS (25%) and Sony PSP (14%), becoming the devices to play games.

Nielson also carries out an investigation on person more than 13 years old and the result is computer (20%) comes first, and then is television (19%) and Smartphone (19%).

iPad and iPod Touch are all the hottest electronics and a great deal of comments about their advantages and disadvantages. Ranking as luxurious electronics, not every one is able to afford one for their kids. With Christmas approaching, the following alternatives on, maybe the setting is not in high class but also a good choice.

1.65″ Touch Clip MP4 Player

1.35″ Touch Clip MP4 Player

Android 7″ Touch Screen Tablet PC 2GB ||  Android 7″ Touch Screen WiFi TabletPC

Emulator Video Game Consoles

2.8″ TFT Screen 2GB MP5 Player DPSM2G05

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