DIY Decorative Wall Art Sticker

A beautiful home is anyone’s dream and beautifying the home is an ongoing process. Many decorative options are available now, and decorative wall stickers are ideal options to give a new look to your home in a cost-effective manner. The greatest advantage of wall stickers is that these can be easily removed and placed anywhere you like. Decorative wall stickers are extremely useful for renters who live in houses where the house owner does not allow any kind of painting or interior design. You can have your own images, paintings and artwork turned into wall stickers of your choice.

Decorative wall stickers come in various designs, colours and styles. The colours and shades vary from plain colours to exotic dark shades with glittering variants. It is popular to decorate kids’ rooms with charming decorative wall stickers. Small children will love these wall stickers in the form of alphabets, cartoons characters, animals and other images of their choice. The most popular stickers among the lot are those of the stars and planets that can add a unique decorative touch to their rooms. Other favorite wall decals are ones that glow in the dark – these are unobtrusive during daytime, but glow beautifully once the lights are out. Using decorative wall stickers you can create unlimited designs and themes that can give a magical touch to your home.

At the other end of the spectrum are colorful retro designs that approximate the silhouettes of classically shaped furniture and furnishing objects, from chandeliers  to blues, whites, browns and golds.

DIY Decorative Wall Sticker HHI-20226

  • Size: 683 x 482mm (L x W)
  • Color: as shown in the picture
  • Gross weight: 87g
  • Likewise more fun and funky are various object-oriented stickers that feature lifelike outlines as well as over-sized and/or highly abstracted depictions of real-life items.

    DIY Decorative Wall Sticker HHI-20665 Art Wall Stickers- Afternoon Tea HHI-20213

    Sticks on walls, doors, windows, mirrors, closets, plastic, metal, wood, etc

    Package size: 250 x 170mm

    While they may not last forever, small wall sticker decals to jumbo murals are a relatively durable and easy-to-do solution for depressingly blank interior surfaces. They  are certainly cheap and simple to acquire and apply by comparison.

    DIY Decorative Wall Art Sticker—— Merry Christmas Theme

  • Size: 685 x 485mm (L x W)
  • Color: as shown in the picture
  • Gross weight: 82g
  • Wall decals are a great way to make up your wall, bedroom,kitchen or bathroom.Easy to apply and peel ,stick as well. See more:

    Cat Stars Moon Design

    Black and white——Tree Flower Style

    On/ off Switch Sticker Set

    Mickey Mouse Donald Duck Style

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