Windows Phone 7 vs. Android 2.2 vs. iOS 4.1 – Features Comparison

With Windows Phone 7 nearly ready for market, the competition in smartphones has escalated to the next tier. Google Android has momentum on its side, while Apple has profit margins on its side.

Apple’s iOS , Google’s Android OS and Windows Phone 7 OS are currently the best mobile operating systems available in the market. So,  let’s compare these three operating systems below, which can help you take a wise decision while buying these smartphones.

Operating Systems Windows Phone 7

Android 2.2

iOS 4.1

Touch Screen Support Yes Yes Yes
Multi-touch Yes Yes Yes
Multitasking No Yes Yes
Copy-Paste No Yes Yes
App Store Windows Marketplace Android Market App Store
Dedicated Game Center Xbox Live No Game Center
Music/Video Player Yes Yes Yes
Default Browser IE based WP7 Browser Android Browser iPhone Safari
Default Search Engine Bing Google Google
Maps Bing Maps Google Maps Google Maps
Flash Support No Yes No
Office Mobile App Yes Yes No
Dedicated Books Apps No No Yes
Messaging Yes Yes Yes
SDK Yes Yes Yes
Firmware Updates Yes Yes Yes
Advertising Platform Yes Yes Yes
No. of Apps Available N/A 70,000+ 250,000+
Supported Platforms XNA, Silverlight, ARM, x86 ARM, MIPS, x86 ARM
Java Support No Yes No
Release Date October 11, 2010 May 20, 2010 [SDK Released] September 8, 2010

Now the competition is tight in the Smartphone market and each of the companies are coming up with new solutions and strategies to target users and increase their market share.

Microsoft’s first attempt to come back to the market has been fair with having been more user centric and allowing users to use what they want; however, to survive they have to advance further.

Android seems to be a strong and aggressive competitor to all; however, it is suspected that security issues will withhold many users from using Android.

It seems Apple is still leading the way and will be running to swallow market share by offering acceptable security, privacy, ease of use, elegance, creativity, and beauty in design.  Apple seems to be an expert when it comes to one of the most important factors of the future of Mobile Technologies: “Usability combined with simplicity”.  The question now becomes, “How long will this suffice, before the next breakthrough technology dominates the market?”

What’s more, I would like to show you some smartphones  with Windows Phone OS and Android OS which you may  like, just have a look.

3.8″ Touch Windows 6.5 Mobile Cell Phone

GPS TV Windows 6.5 Mobile Cell Phone

3.25″ WiFi Google Android YouTube Mobile Cell Phone

3.15″ WiFi Google Android System Mobile Cell Phone

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