How to Choose Colors of Fashion Jewelry

Color is one of the major factors considered when determine your look today, especially the color of fashion jewelry. For most people they will choose jewelry’s color according to individual interest and hobby. Some experts say that color is full of it own characteristics and each highlights a certain meaning behind. Thus to some extend it can display owner’s mood today. Pay attention to what color you surrounding wears and you will understand them better.

Golden Fashion

Golden indicates honor, wealth and charming. Gold ranges from expensive looking honeyed camel and caramel tones to true mustard gold and the deepest amber tones.

Black Fashion

Black indicates mystery, tranquility and sorrow. Black absorbs light and is hands-down the most stylish and timeless color in the world of fashion. This legendary status may be in part due to the fact that black makes people look thinner.

Silver Fashion

Silver Fashion Silver can be earthy and natural or sleek and elegant. Its beauty and uniqueness lies in the dynamic range of feelings it evokes.

Pink Fashion

Pink is a very gentle and calming color that stimulates feelings of innocent romance, contrasting to the lusty feelings associated with red. Pale pink relaxes people making its wearers more approachable; this makes pale pink a wonderful color to wear on a date!

Purple Fashion

Purple indicates nobleness, elegance and gorgeousness. Purple is a color rarely found in nature – a fact that instantly draws attention to anyone wearing it and sometimes makes it appear artificial. Purple has traditionally represented luxury, royalty, wealth and sophistication. Purple is a color of power and also has a feminine and romantic appeal in its lighter.

Blue Fashion

Blue indicates delicate, fresh and tranquility. Blue might strike you as somewhat dull, but it is a good base color. Blue usually produces the opposite emotional response of the color red. It stimulates a chemical reaction in the body, producing feelings of peace and tranquility.

Green Fashion

Green indicates hope, perseverance and gravity. A calming and refreshing color, green represents nature. Green is easy on the eye, and studies suggest that it may even improve vision!

Different colors imply owner’s mood. What’s your color today?

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