The iPhone 4

The iPhone 4 has finally arrived. We’ve published our in-depth, hands-on fulliPhone 4 review covering everything from the new display to the rest of the hardware to iOS4.

Production of the iPhone 4 can’t even keep up with the demand apparently - we broke the news the white iPhone wouldn’t be available at launch (and there’s still no official date), AT&T and Apple’s websites both went down on pre-order day for most of the day, and issues plagued thedays leading up the launch, but that didn’t stop everyone from getting it.

With a 5 MP camera, improved battery life, the remarkable 300+ DPI retina display, industrial beauty, and up to 30 fps 720p HD video recording, iPhone 4 is by far the best iPhone yet, and arguably the best smartphone in the world. Folks stood in line for hours, days, and even a week to get their hands on the device.

Many people are still waiting for their pre-orders to come in, and many are holding off for the white models. Either way – everyone agrees the iPhone 4 is a stellar device.

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