DIY Educational Toys to Encourage Intellectual Development

DIY, do it yourself. Not strange at all. There is a Chinese saying, do it yourself and you will get ample food and clothes. DIY toys, on one hand, help to train practical skills, on the other hand, educate children to do it theirselves. It expand children’s horizon and provides a chance for children to develop their creativity and imagination.

DIY is particular about cooperation and handwork, which teach children about team work and learning to share with others. In our everyday life, it is important to help and educate children to develop their own practical skill.

Besides taking care of your children, their toys need your care as well. Whenever one’s favorite toys are broken, it will do good for parents to fix it with children, so that children learn how to cherish their toys, as well as his/her surrounding people and substances.

It is common that we stuff the toys into a box and pile into the corner. As time goes by they are forgotten and children have no idea about what they ever have. Therefore it is better to sort all toys in kinds and lay them where children easily reach.

Before making toys, let kids to design and imagine. What parents should do is to appreciate  kids’ works and give them some guidance. It is always encouraged that parents do handwork with children together.

Though toys mainly serve the purpose of playing and fun, they are should be educative as well. Play helps them communicate ideas and develop many other important skills. Below are some DIY educational toys to help improve intellectual development.

1. DIY Educational Assembling Solar Robot Kits Toys


  • Build your own solar kit with these kits
  • Six different working models including Solar Revolving Plane, Solar Windmill, Solar Plane, Solar Airboat, Solar Puppy, Solar Car
  • Great assembling toy for kid to practice their brain and be educated the benefits of solar energy
  • Also ideal to express your kids’ interest in science
  • Solar powered, fun to play with and requires no batteries
  • Easy to assemble by following the step in instruction

2. DIY Wooden Building Construction Kits Toys >>More

DIY Wooden Horse DIY Wooden Car DIY Japanese House DIY European House

  • Build up the wooden pieces

3, Crystal 3D Jigsaw IQ Puzzle DIY Furnish Toy

Crystal Apple Jigsaw Puzzle DIY Toy |    Crystal Bear Jigsaw Puzzle DIY Toy

  • Assemble the different pieces into a crystal apple/bear
  • A good toy to boost your brainpower and memory
  • Takes patience and persistence to solve the puzzle

4. DIY Building Block Brain Intellect Puzzle Toy >> More

DIY Binding Block Brain Intellect Puzzle Toy FTY-16148

  • Make up kinds of animals, Robots, polyhedron etc as you can think out
  • Improve your children’s intelligence of creativity and practical ability
  • Comes with English User Guider

5. 216 x Magic Magnetic DIY Puzzle Balls >> More

216 x 7mm Magic Magnet Magnetic DIY Balls Sphere Neodymium Rubix Cube Neocube Puzzle Toy FTY-15833

  • This is an amazing intellectual toy
  • You can use it to design / build anything which you can think with these magnetic spheres, like 2-D or 3-D objects and superstructures
  • Can be used as an educational tool for children

6. Colorful DIY Art Clay Dough Modeling Plasticine >> More

DIY 12-color Children Creative Art Play Dough Clay Plasticine Set with 4 Moulds FSN-15139

  • 12-color play dough clay with 4 moulds
  • All come in a handy carrying case
  • Keep your kids entertained while develope their imaginations& hand skills
  • Soft, bright and smooth for great fun
  • Can be combined to create new colors
  • Non-toxic and non-staining, safe to play
  • Bring lot of fun for your kids

7. Magic DIY Gardening Growing Grass Plant

Magic Funny DIY Growing Grass Head Doll Toy Indoor Plant Decoration Display FTY-13712

  • Funny creative indoor plant toy
  • Easy to feed and grow for a short time
  • Water this head on the pot and allows it to absorb enough water
  • Make sure the lower part of the grass head touches the water
  • When the green hair growing long, you can design its style as you like
  • Water the top for every 2-3 days and wait about 5-7 days for its growing
  • Comes with growing pot, very convenient
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