Poop Theme Items, Cute & Creative mote than Disgusted

What do you think about poop-theme items? The first impression to most people may be dirty and disgusted. Below I am going to share with you something amazing but relevant to poop. You will find they are cute and creative far more than disgusted.

Modern Toilet-Theme Restaurant

Theme restaurant is getting heated nowadays, so is toilet-theme restaurant, especailly in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen. Toilet-theme restaurant is decorated with the “common things” you will see in a toilet. For example, the chairs are toilet seats and the food is also made in poop shape. Please don’t misunderstand this. I still remember the first time I entered this restaurant. The most impressive is neat and elegant, surrounding with warm light and soft songs, immersed in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. It is famous for its various kinds of ice-cream and dessert, nice outlook and delicious taste.

Poop Style Series Plush Stuffed Soft Stand Holder

This is a set of poop style plush stuffed stand holder for cell phone and Mp3/4 players. They are made of soft cotton, comfortable touch feeling and fully stuffed for stable standing. The most impressive is their facial expresstion: greedy, embarrassing, furious and complacent. They will be beautiful and novel decoration on your desk.

…… …..Greedy Poop HHI-14193 ……………. Embarrassing Poop HHI-14194

……..Furious Poop HHI-14195………………..  Complacent Poop HHI-14196

Poop Shaped Strike Hammer Stuff

This is a poop face hammer; when you strike, it will make funny sound, soft and elastic. It is made of cotton outside and fully stuffed, comfortable touching. After a whole day exhaustive working in front of your computer, it will be great comfort to use this hammer to massage your shoulders, as well as great helper to relax and release stress with melody songs. The face expression is also cute and lovely.

Fake Poop Shaped Novelties Toys

…..FTY-12414 …………………. FTY-12424 …………………..FKC-14422

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