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Why is recommended

For people with no online shopping experiences, I recommend them to try from now on. Since more and more merchants discover the opportunity to widen their business through Internet and hundreds of online stores are opened everyday, you can buy almost everything needed online today. If you don’t want to suffer from wandering around, or squeeze in a crowded bus for travelling, online stores might be a good choice for shopping.

Among the great number of Chinese online stores, you may notice our store named, since it offers the cheapest products with sound quality and free shipping. Besides, we are making great efforts to extend the product lines and seek various cooperation with our customers. is a global online shopping platform shipping to countries throughout the world with multiple languages, including some customers who may not be so familiar with English. For your convenience, we will introduce this step by step. Come with me to further understand this online shopping platform. Homepage

For access to our store, you can turn to any search engine with keywords “tinydeal”or simply enter our website address Then you will see a neatly organized website showing a variety of fancy products. That is our store with rich collection of mobile phones, laptops, accessories for PC, iPhone, iPod, iPad and many famous-brand video game consoles, toys & novelties, as well as home & living items etc.

Category Menu

All products are well categorized into a menu laid on the left top corner, named All Categories. The menu only show parent catalogs with navigation to their sub-catalogs. When you start to choose a product at the store, you have to think about what catalog it belongs to first.

Let’s take 1.65″ Touch Clip MP4 Player as an example. Moving your house to MP3& MP4 Players category and you will see MP4 players with various memory and display screen. Then choose and click 2GB MP4 category, which will lead you to webpage with dozens of 2GB MP4 players.

2GB MP4 Player Webpage

Choosing Preferred Ranking Criteria

You can change the products ranking by choosing sorting criteria on the right top corner. The alternative criteria include price (from high to low or from low to high), popularity, customers review rating (from best to worst) and date added online (from new to old).

Individual Product Webpage

If you still have no ideal about which one is better, you can take a good look at these MP4 players with different ranking criteria for comparison. To know more about individual details, just click either the image or the hyperlink to visit the individual product webpage.

Product Title, Image, Price and other Information

On this page, what first comes into your eyes is a product album displaying the product outlook features and main function. On the right side shows product name, model price, shipping weight, date uploaded online, quantity discount.

Product Features & Specifications and Package Contents

Next is the instruction about the product, including Product Features (specific functions), Product Specifications (important parameters), and package contents (what’s included in your order package). They will help you get further understanding about this product. If you can’t read English, we provide a shortcut access to Google Translation on the top left corner of homepage.

Google Translation—Multiple Languages

Customer Review & Pictures

You are always welcomed to share your experience, feelings and thoughts as well as products images while using our products. It will be very helpful for someone else in making an informed decision about a particular product while shopping with us. To thank for your support and sharing, we will offer various amount of TD Points as reward. More details on our website FAQ about how to write reviews.

Customers’ Other Purchase and Top Seller in Here

Below customer review, you will showcase of some other products. You can learn what customers also purchased and the top sellers in this category, which provides more information about what is popular now to help you make decision.

Quick Search Engine

The simplest way is to input keywords into our sear engine (Quick Search), especially when you can’t figure out what category the items you want belong to. The same example, 1.65″ Touch Clip MP4 Player, just input keywords like “touch clip MP4” and you can find all products with these keywords, ranked in order of relevance.

For the search result, advanced search is also available here. On the top left side shows the search result under different catalogs. Further information about price and updated date is allowed for advanced searching as well.

What We Have Prepared For You

If you have no idea about what to buy, you can browse the stuff we have prepared for you. Under the search engine on the homepage, there is a frame of flashes that lead to products for festivals and other subjects. Another bar above the search engine contains Specials (Leading to recently marked-down products — the price cut is very sharp sometimes), Featured (Leading to products with fancy functions), New Products, and All Products. The shelves of New Products for This Month, Hot Products, and All Products are also showed on the homepage.

What Others Ordered Recently

And Somewhere below the All Categories menu, a scroll bar informs you of products we sold recently and the destinations.

Contact With

If you have any question to ask us, just click any of the three icons in the Live Help column above Recently Ordered, so as to chat with us through Liveperson, Skype or MSN. The same column can be seen on the right side of an individual product page. Of course, you can call or email us.

Tinydeal Social Network

As videos, blogs and SNS have become so hot online, we are also in the swim. We are eager to further activate our interaction with you. Click the Join Our Community column to contact with us on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and the blog.

Create Your Account

If you become interested in our store, why not try it. It’s very easy to become a customer of us, just register an account with your email.

Fill In Your Information

In the end, hopefully you will enjoy shopping on our store.
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