Tips for Operating 3-Channel Remote Controlled Helicopters

Do you dream to own an electric remote controlled helicopters when you see others playing skillfully? On our website, you will find various R/C toys with high quality and low price.

But when you really get an R/C helicopter, you will find it difficult to operate the helicopter at your own will. As a beginner, it means great deal to remember what should do and what should not do.

Bellow is tips for operating 3-channel electric remote controlled helicopters:

1. Some mistakes beginners may easily make:

a. Push steer stick forward to the limit too hasty, then R/C helicopter soars straight up into the air. Consequently it goes too far away out of the control range. With no signal supports it will stop function and crash down.

b. Another mistake made when landing or lowering helicopters: just terminate operation suddenly assuming that electric R/C helicopter works like electric glider with fixed wings to ensure stable landing. The steer stick will auto recover. However, once the helicopter receives on wireless signals, rotor will stop working and helicopter crash down. Although all helicopters are anti-shock designed, that will also influence model’s life-span.

2. Correct operation:

a. Helicopter is featured with easy operation and good stability, but it needs skill and practice to operate the helicopter well. Only if you improve your operation skills can you experience the great pleasure of playing helicopter. Thus we recommend you to read the attached manual carefully and to give kids proper guidance. Don’t rush to operate.

b. For a beginner to practice, it’s better to fly the helicopter at about 1m height by pushing the steer stick to the middle place. It is not difficult to fly the helicopter high, but to let it hover in the air and to control direction freely is what a skilled player does. That is the greatest pleasure of playing electric R/C helicopter. Before that it requires 5~6 flights (one full charge for one flight). Don’t rush.

3. Site Selection:

Play in the open air with flat ground and no obstacles above (helicopter played indoor is not included). Lawn is a great place to play. For safety sake, avoid crowded places.


1. It takes 6 seconds after turning on to start up because of auto detective balance functions;

2. Helicopter’s head leaves and tail, especially tail rotor, may be easily destroyed by multiple crashes;

3. While exchanging tail rotor, please install carefully in case of damaging the airscrew.

Instructions for safety use of battery:
1.Please install and remove batteries correctly;
2.Please don’t charge nonrechargeable batteries;
3.Please place battery polarity in the right way;
4.Please charge rechargeable battery under the guidance of adults;
5.No combination of new&old batteries or batteries in different models;
6.No short circuits of power supply;
7.Please use the same models or equivalence of referral batteries.

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