April Fool’s Day

April Fool’s Day is also called the feast of fools, which is the western traditional festival in April 1st each year. April Fool’s Day is similar with the music festival (in Ancient Rome ) and the joyous festival (in India).From the time of the selection, because of the weather often changes abruptly in this month just like the nature plays a joke on human. So,on this day, people around are playing a trick on others in a variety of ways, and only late to 12 noon since this is formulated strict rules.

Since the day is coming, have you have any preparation for the April Fool’s Day? Do you want to play a joke on your friends? Well, some tips, right here, are recommended to you.

Electric Shock Pen

This is an electric shock ball pen, you are OK  when you take it in your hand. However, when you try to write something, you will receive an electric shock. So, try to ask your friend to write something, may be like this “I don’t remember how to write the word “tomorrow”, could you help me to write it down?” And when you friend try to write the word, he will get a suddenly but hurtless electric shock, he will jump up! Funny!


Similar with the ball pen, this is also an electric shock chewing gun. It looks no difference with the real one. Put this chewing gun in your pocket and when you come across a friend, you can try to ask him/her “would you like a piece of chewing gun?” When your friend try to pull it out, he/she gets a suddenly an electric shock, he/she finds it both funny and annoying.

Electric Magic Cube

This is also an electric shock product, it looks the same with the normal one. Upset the magic cube before put it into your pocket, when you see you friend, you can say “hei, I can not finish the magic cube, could you help me?” And your friend is happy to say “May be I can, let me have a try”. Well, he/she is on the way to be played joke.. How interesting is it.

Now, you know these are products are really fun, more choices are also for you in here

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