How to Choose a Remote Control Helicopter

With the scientific and technological development, many scientific technologies are widely used in our daily live, they really take much convenience to us, we thank for them. For example, remote control toy, which is one of the high technology products in our life, is common among the people who love RC devices, especially remote control helicopters. So, do you know something about a RC helicopter? Or do you just want to have a try to fly a remote control helicopter? Well, it is my glory to give some advices to you.

How to choose a RC helicopter
1.Size Selection.
Different helicopters have different sizes. However, many people buy a helicopter with the simple idea: The bigger, the better. In fact, the right size is the most important, especially for young kids, safety should be put in the first place.

2.Channel Selection
The channel of a RC helicopter is common among 2.5-CH, 3.5-CH and 4-CH. 3-Channel means: Up/Down, Forward/Backward, Turn Left/Right. 4-Channel, except Up/Down, Forward/Backward, Turn Left/Right, it can Left/Right Side Flying.For an early player, it is suggested to buy the helicopter that under four channels, since more channel means more functions, and control difficulty also will be greater.

3.Quality Selection
It is a suggestion that you should pay attention to the quality of the aircraft. Different quality of the aircraft are reflected on the appearances, performance and prices.
4.Performance Selection
As the remote control helicopter, flying time is short, generally only about 6 to 15 minutes, this is because of the battery capacity,  it is common to all remote control aircraft, so do not believe some bad businessmen publicize that they can fly for 30 minutes or an hour. Remote control helicopter flight height have a great relationship with the type size. The control distance is generally about 10 meters for small size aircraft and medium size helicopter fly altitude is over 30 meters. In actual operation, it is not recommended to fly too high, more higher, more difficult to control, and the damage probability is bigger.

Now, you learn something about a remote control helicopter, don’t you want to have a try, do you?

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