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If you like to surf the Web, especially watch online videos, 4G can be heaven. If you have a 4G device, you’ll find huge differences. In general, anything involving transferring large amounts of data sees a big boost by 4G. Now this Mobile internet standard is getting more popular every day and more readily available among a variety of networks.

The Allfine fine9 4G Tablet is a not bad piece of equipment. With a resolution of 2048 by 1536, the 9-inch touch screen has a pixel density of 257 PPI. The tablet is powered by a 1.6GHz RK3188 Quad-core processor and its 7500mAh battery enables video playback for around 10 hours.

You may get interested in how it works in a 4G-covered area. Hong Kong is our first station.

First of all, I needed a 4G SIM card, so I went to the local operator Smartone. Running on both the 800MHz and 1,800MHz frequency band, Smartone 4G has better coverage in Hong Kong than any of its peers, especially indoor. Now we make sail for a test.

The first test was made on the app named Speed Test. The max download speed we achieved was 24Mbps while the highest upload speed was 9.6Mbps.Real-life speeds may vary for many factors such as location and the amount of users online. So we went to more than 20 places for further examination, including McDonald’s, Metro, computer center, and so on. Average download and upload speeds came out to be 14.42Mbps and 15.77Mbps, respectively.

To my surprise, when wandering around the metro watch videos on the 4G network, I encountered no hiccup or delay. What’s more, I took only 3 secs for me to download a 12MB app! Fine9 4G’s speed can meet most of these requirements, and the Wi-Fi in my house seems no rival.

A high-capacity battery is one of strongest supporting point for the 4G net. It only took 10 percent of battery life to watch online video for one and a half hour.

The tablet is best suited for those who want a medium sized tablet that has a retina screen for web browsing and video watching via 3G/4G. And the 9 inch screen provides a better visual experience compared with the smaller 7.9-inch or even 7-inch tablets.

I think both you and I are fans of high speed!!

You can learn more about the tablet with a video:

4G Tablet-Allfine Fine9

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