Have You Ever Heard about Buckyball Magic Cube

A puzzle, as we know, is a popular intelligence game. It is the most changeful, difficult game that let a person playing patiently. Personally, puzzle is a very challengeable and good playing and you may have played it.

Well, there is an another kind of puzzle called the buckyball, the magic cube, you may have never ever played it before, I guess. Let’s see what a kind of puzzle of the buckyball is.


1Magic cube, which is composed of 216 supporting strong magnetic beads, is made of some magnetic material via various fine processed.

2. Magic cube can be freely combined into infinite geometry shape by using the mutual attraction between the poles. Thousands of geometry shapes can be made by these simple balls.


1.  Magic cube has strong magnetic properties, it can be combined into hundreds of millions of species geometry pattern of the myriads of changes, high entertaining and creative.

2.   Magic cube has refined appearance, strong combination performance, and has good gloss, not easy to fade and so on, it can be used as magnetic jewelry to wear, for example: necklace, bracelet.


The Role of Education

With these simple balls, you can improve your geometry and the mathematics intuition ability. You can use the magnetic buckyballs as an educational tool to combine with the textbook, thus the theory and practice in two aspects. It is a better understanding of geometry knowledge.

Effective Stimulation of Brain

Magnetic ball (Magic magnetic ball) is a magic toy. Magnetic ball, compared with other types, intelligence toys, it can make you gain more. As we know, the brain is responsible for controlling of various body functions and cognitive faculties. The left side of the brain is responsible for logic, mathematics and language while the right brain controls space imagination, creativity, facial appearance and visual recognition ability. When you played the balls, you shall not only apply to the space imagination and creativity, but also to use your logical thinking.

The Decompression

Magnetic ball, like other decompression toys, it can be deformed, distorted, so that your release emotion. It is better than the other that brings you the unique texture.


1. This product contains small parts that may be harmful or fatal if swallowed, if this happens, please seek medical treatment immediately. So, it is not suitable for children under 8 years old.

2. It is powerful magnet, some electronic equipment can damage or destroy. Therefore, never close contact of electronic products. Powerful magnets, or even destroy the electronic medical instrument.  

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