Ezcap Cassette Tape to MP3 Converter at TinyDeal

You must got variable presents, flowers, books, toys etc. from pals or parents, but which one is unforgettable? Well, for me, it’s a personable cassette player from my grandma when I was in junior middle school. It’s broken now but it’s the most valuable gadget then and helped me a lot in English learning. However, with the technology development cassette player is outdated and eventually deteriorated or get “eaten” by your tape player and cassette players are becoming increasingly rare. In the meantime, cassette tape slips out of our life quickly. And we get MP3, MP4 instead. We lose cassette player and cassette tape. All is not lost, though: it is possible to transfer audio from cassettes to your computer, where it can be stored in formats such as WAV and MP3. What you need is a cassette tape to MP3 converter. There are multiple styles of converters on the market. Admittedly, the one I’m talking about is absolutely not a professional one, it’s the most simple-to-use and convenient converter and everyone can use it.

It works without a computer, all you need is a USB cable (included) and a USB flash drive (not included).

Here is how to make it works:

1. Get power via the included USB cable or install two AA batteries (not included)

There is a switch on the top of the converter, when power the device, you need switch it to corresponding side to ensure proper work (Use AA battery, switch to (DC) and use DC adapter, switch to USB). Additionally, simultaneously using batteries and DC adapter is not recommended.

2. Put a cassette tape in device

Open the tape lid and put a tape in, then close the lid

3. Plug an USB flash

Plug the USB flash into the convertor directly (battery powered); connect the USB flash to the convertor via the included USB cable (DC powered)

4.Operate the cassette

Plug an earphone to “AUX” to listen to the music, and adjust the volume switch to proper volume, then start the next step — recording.

5. Recording

Under standby mode, press the recording button, then the device will start/ stop to convert.

6. Playback

Under standby mode, press the playback button, the device will start/ stop to play the recording music. Press up/ down button to choose play previous or next file and +/- button to set volume up & down.

Done! It’s so simple and sufficient. Get one now out there!

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