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Global Shipments of Tablets Expect over 200 Million This Year

Tablet PCs are taking the computing world by storm! According to research firm Gartner, Shipments of tablets are forecast to surge nearly 68% this year. Meanwhile, the cell phone market is expected to grow 4.3% in 2013, with more than … Continue reading

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Android Mp3 Player

Android MP3 player is built-in to the Google Android operating system, smart player. Compared to the market before the ordinary MP4, Android MP3 player, more intelligent, user-friendly. The full-touch operation, not only can listen to music, watching movies, you can … Continue reading

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Tips to Use Perfume

With the coming of the summer, your scent makes a great influence on yourself. Good scent can enhance you charming strength to make you more popular. However, how to choose the fit perfume and how to use it properly are … Continue reading

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Funniest Bathroom Running Nose Shower Gel Soap Shampoo Liquid Dispenser

Are you still finding a funny and special soap dispenser for your washroom? Are you tired of the normal shape shampoo dispenser? Do you want to add some joys to your life? Ok, try this funniest bathroom running nose shower … Continue reading

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Mechanical Watches

Question: “I can’t seem to wear mechanical watches. Either they work sporadically or they don’t work at all on my wrist. Why is that?” Luigi Zanneti, La Spezia, Italy Answer by Professor J.C. Nicolet There may be several reasons why … Continue reading

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Guida all’Assemblaggio della Sigaretta Elettronica

La Ego-c è uno dei modelli più recenti di sigaretta elettronica presentati sul mercato della sua categoria; è simile alla ego-t ma la vera rivoluzione sta nel poter cambiare il solo cuore dell’atom (o la testa dell’atom, come preferite chiamarla), … Continue reading

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Come costruire in fibra di carbonio/vetro/kevlar/ box mod

Questa guida vuole essere un pratico aiuto a chi inizia a cimentarsi nell’uso delle resine e delle varie fibre di vetro, carbonio, kevlar ecc.. Materiali I materiali principali necessari alla laminazione si dividono in 2 categorie: le resine e i … Continue reading

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The Newest Remote Control Helicopter

To a RC helicopter enthusiast, a perfect helicopter is shown not only in the beautiful line, the compact body structure, and the high performance motor, but also in the skill it has, the action it can do.Yeah, the channel may … Continue reading

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Consigli per un corretto utilizzo della sigaretta elettronica

CORRETTA CONSERVAZIONE E AVVERTENZE Conservare la sigaretta elettronica e i suoi accessori, compreso le batterie e i liquidi per la ricarica in un luogo fresco e asciutto al riparo dai raggi solari diretti o fonti di calore e lontano dalla … Continue reading

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The Potential of Low-End Smartphone in Chinese Market

Cell phone, as a kind of interpersonal communication tool in modern society, with the characteristics of convenience and speedy, is increasingly evolved into communication necessities of people’s life. Due to the improvement of people’s living standards and the needs of … Continue reading

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