Why Is It Good to Play Video Games?

Hand-Eye Coordination

Many people think of video games as harmful or a waste of time, but gaming actually has a number of benefits. Keep reading to learn the positive effects of video games!

One of the most obvious benefits from playing games is improved hand-eye coordination. Doing any task repeatedly will improve some type of ability, which includes mashing buttons and moving joysticks. It’s been proven that hand and finger movements are more precise after playing games.

Critical Thinking

Teaching people how to think isn’t an easy job, but video games are one of the best methods for improving critical thinking skills. The puzzles contained in video games can be extremely complex, as they were designed by teams of professionals. To overcome all of a game’s challenges, the brain is pushed to its limit, and the player becomes better at thinking quickly and rationally.

Stress Reduction

Life is stressful. After a long day of dealing with traffic, work, and bills, you need to find a healthy way to escape and relax. The satisfying nature of video games makes them the perfect outlet for stress, as you typically receive instant gratification for doing a task. It doesn’t hurt that you usually get to blow a few things up, too.


A common theme in video games is working together with others to accomplish a common goal. While real world problems aren’t as grand as saving the world from evil, the teamwork skills acquired from gaming are still very valuable. In fact, some people are even beginning to list leadership experience from video game clans when applying for jobs.

Social Skills

Most gamers tend to sit alone in a dark room, so you’re probably wondering how that could possibly improve their social skills. The truth is that the friendly virtual game environment makes it easier to talk and interact with strangers. Scientific studies have shown that introverts and loners can actually overcome many of their social fears through gaming!


You might be surprised to learn just how much factual information is crammed into a fictional video game. The best part is that this information is taught in a fun manner and it’s picked up subliminally along the way. Even violent shooters are full of interesting information, such as world geography or military terminology.

Navigation Skills

If you’re ever lost and don’t have a GPS, just ask a gamer for help. Video game players have been trained to read and use maps since day one, so they are ingrained with an amazing sense of direction. If you have a map, a gamer will get you anywhere you need to go. Even without a map, they’ll be able to draw on their experience and come up with a decent solution.

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