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Nokia Lumia 920: Seven Things You Need to Know

It is known that Nokia will release its newest Windows Phone8 cell phone Lumia 920. It’s called Nokia’s flagship handset, so are you curious about it? Let’s appreciate its features together. Build and design Incorporating the same polycarbonate materials used … Continue reading

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LED Lights, Give You a Colorful Life

You probably have it somewhere in your room. Maybe it’s in your car, or somewhere during an events activity. But whatever place you can think of, no one can deny the power of LED lights when it comes to creating … Continue reading

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Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

The Mid-Autumn Festival(zhong qiu jie)also known as the Moon Festival, a popular harvest festival celebrated by Chinese people is held on the 15th day of the eighth month in the Chinese calendar. Traditionally, on this day, Chinese family members and … Continue reading

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Leading Android Phones,Our Unanimous Choice

How would you decide which cell phone is the most suited for you? With the amount of cell phone options it’s really mind-numbing to begin to choose. Recently, Google handsets have been fashionable on account of Yahoo and Google’s Android … Continue reading

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10 Nintendo Wii U Games to Explore

The newest Nintendo console will be released after several months. It’s really a piece of exciting news for every game fan. If you are planning to invest in the Wii U, the following picked 10 games can help you know … Continue reading

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Why We Choose (LENOVO) K860?

Choosing a cell phone can be a mind-boggling task. A variety of brands and models with myriad options are available, ranging from the most basic cell phones to advanced, media-enabled smart phones and everything in between. A good phone is … Continue reading

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Equip Your Cell Phone with The Best Accessories

For the young people, they often like to decorate their mobile phones with the coolest and most fashionable cellphone accessories. In the corporate world, most professionals go for functionality over looks or designs.  Without costing much money, cellphone cases, skins, … Continue reading

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Halloween Makeup Ideas

Halloween is approaching. Do you want to enjoy a different and excited evening? Today, I will introduce some makeup ideals for you. And may you have a wonderful experience. Among the most fun and fulfilling Halloween accessories is makeup, and … Continue reading

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Секрет экрана мобильных телефонов

Может быть вы думаете ,что все экраны мобильных телефонов одинаковые, но это не правильное мнение. Экраны мобильных телефонов совсем разные по разным телефоном, и тип экрана Что такое LCD? LCD является одним типам экрана, который используется для компьютеров и телевизоров … Continue reading

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iPhone 5 VS iPhone 4S

The Apple iPhone 5 is finally here, with the latest arrival boasting a 16:9, 4 inch screen, new smaller port, thinner, lighter design and 4G LTE. But for iPhone 4S owners who got the iPhone 4s a year ago, is … Continue reading

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