Makeup Tools Need Cleaning

When talking about makeup tools, I know you can think of many. Sponge, brush and eyelash curler are all your good helps. But when I talk about the cleaning of makeup tools, not many of you will say yes. Makeup tools, like your face, need to be cleaned, unless you wish the bacteria to grow and grow on your favorite makeup tools.

Let us talk about eyelash curler first. Eyelash curler is a great tool to make your eyelashes longer and curler. But as you use it, the bacteria from the eye makeup can get onto the silicon pad or the metal plate. These makeup and bacteria may corrode the eyelash curler. You can use the cotton pad and eye makeup remover to clean your eyelash curler, and then follows by wipe clean with sanitizer.

Cleaning is not only limited to the tools that get direct touch with your face. The cosmetic bag that you use to hold all your cosmetics need to be clean regularly as well. You can have a check with your cosmetic bag, you may see a lot of cosmetic stains on it. You can use a 7:3 alcohol to distilled water solution to clean your cosmetic bag. Also, for very year, you should replace it with a new one.

The brushes that you use for applying foundation, rouge to lip colors also require cleaning. For every week, you can use the special cleaner for brushes to clean them. Or, you can use water to dilute some shampoo or facial wash. Then clean the brushes with the solution. Allow the brushes to dry completely before you use them again. If for certain brushes that you do not use them so often, you may clean them once a month instead of a week.

Unlike household cleaning, cleaning your makeup tools is an easy job. It takes you only a few minutes. But it offers you a cleaner and fresher makeup tools which you will love. So hurry up to clean your makeup tools.

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