Are You Worrying About Your Baby’s Feeding?

Baby is one God Granting Miracles for parents. Because of the coming of the baby, the family becomes bigger and warmer. All mothers and fathers wish their baby grow up healthily. So mothers and fathers always try their best to find health and safe items for their baby before or after the baby come into their life. There are so many items that should be prepared for baby. It seems not so easy to make everything ready. But we can start from the health and safe feeding.

Let’s make your baby enjoy feeding hour.

Firstly, it is a cartoon patterned baby bid which is used for feeding, nursing, or that everyday drooling. The bottom side is folded for containing the food leaks and the straps of it allow the bid tied on baby’s neck, leaving cleanliness to your baby and you. It is made of waterproof plastic, soft and foldable, being suitable for both those tiny and chubby baby necks.

Secondly, a fantastic spoon for setting mothers and fathers free from feeding your baby. There are two sizes for different needs. But how it works? when food is too hot(≥43°C)The red heat sensitive tip will change to color which means the food is too hot to feed the baby, not suit for eating, and when temperature is go down to 38°C, it changes back to red .this clever spoon helps to prevent any accidental injuries such as burning.

Thirdly, this is a rotary bowl designed for feeding. It adds a ring outside of ordinary bowl, internal is rotation center power design and the special structure makes the bowl inside always be maintained balance, avoiding the food back out under shaking up. It is really a good helper for training you kids to eat. The inner bowl can be removable, easy for cleaning in dishwasher. This fantastic bowel is made of safe food grade material, so there is no need to worries about the side influence.

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