Lovely Mimicry Pet

Do you hear mimicry toys? I believe many of us do. Here, at, a new kind of mimicry toy—Mimicry pet-Tom will bring you into a wonderful world.

With the fast pace of people’ life, you might have no time to chat with your children. Do you wish your children have companies when you are out? Do you want to give your children a surprise? Yes, Tom can solve your problems. Tom can imitate people’s word automatically. If you laugh, he will laugh. If you say” Hello” to him, he will say it to you. Funny, isn’t it?

Of course, Tom can not only speak English, he can also speak French, Spanish, Chinese, or other languages. He can repeat exactly what you say in spite of what your mother tongue is. Now, you may ask how to operate it. Don’t worry, it is so easy. Firstly, you turn on the power switch. Then speak towards the cat mouth and he will record your words automatically (Don’t touch the body of the cat).At last, he will repeat them

Also, one important feature of Tom is that you just touch the appointed 6 position of him, and he can give out different sounds accordingly.

Are you impressed by Tom? Come and take him home.

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