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10 Best Third-Party Cases for Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000

Every so often, just days after a branded cell phone, tablet PC or video games console is release; its accessories will begin to hit the market. So is Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000. If you are one of the lucky ones … Continue reading

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Fashion Trends and Maintenance of Earphones

With portable media players we can enjoy music’s and videos anywhere and anytime. Earphones, as a kind of personal audios, are playing an increasingly important role in people’s daily life. A pair of high-quality earphones with stereo sounds can pose … Continue reading

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White Light Tooth Whitening System

In the blossoming world of cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening reigns supreme. Universally valued by men and women alike, whitening (or bleaching) treatments are available to satisfy every budget, time frame and temperament. White Light – A revolutionary new system that … Continue reading

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How To Adjust Car Mirrors To Avoid Blind Spots

Rear view mirrors are an indispensable accessory when driving any motor vehicle and despite their use in all cars, there is no standard way of adjusting them. Most drivers adjust the rearview mirror to encompass the rear window of the … Continue reading

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How to Use a Biological Microscope

A biological microscope is standard equipment in a science lab and is used to magnify things that are so small they cannot easily be seen by the eye. In professional labs, microscopic crystals, computer chips, cells, tissues and even whole … Continue reading

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All MacBook batteries can be hacked, fix coming August

Charlie Miller is a well-known and active hacker due to his regular hacks of popular web browsers at CanSecWest. But his latest discovery is a hack found where no one else would ever bother looking: the battery of an Apple … Continue reading

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Nokia slip slingshots Apple into No.1 spot

Apple has now overtaken Nokia as the world’s leading smartphone manufacturer following this week’s massively contrasting financial reports. On Tuesday, Apple announced that it had sold a staggering 20.4m iPhone handsets between April and June, on the way to record-setting … Continue reading

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Apple unveils the new MacBook Air

It has had a few weeks of speculation now as to when the MacBook Air update would land, and when OS X Lion would see a release. Well, they both happened yesterday. We’ll be covering OS X Lion and other … Continue reading

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Trend Pool with Unique and Innovative Novelties

Here is the trend pool of TinyDeal store, in witch you will find numbers of cool gadgets that are sure to be a hit with gizmo-lovers of any age, including inventive toys, household items and electronics, as well as wonderful … Continue reading

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False Eyelashes

False Eyelashes are becoming more and more popular as women want to look more like their favorite celebs with gorgeous fluffy eyelashes. False Eyelashes tend to add drama and glamour in an instant. All you need is patience and a … Continue reading

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