Tai Chi Clothing Suits: What Not To Wear

To perform the art of Tai Chi properly, you must have a fundamental understanding of meditation skills. There are a number of elements that must be in place in order to have a successful Tai Chi session, including a quiet environment and the correct type of clothing.

Some Tai Chi experts believe that wearing the right kinds of clothes when doing Tai Chi is just as important as the mental preparation that is required for the art. Because Qi, or the body’s vital energy, must be able to flow freely, tight restrictive clothing prevents Qi from moving in the way that it must. Tai Chi beginners must take care to choose the right clothes, since it will be challenging enough to get accustomed to sensing and managing their Qi. And because Tai Chi is a form of meditation that requires movement, it’s not wise to wear stiff or heavy clothes like blue jeans and jackets, which aren’t flexible enough to allow the practitioner to move easily. This type of clothing isn’t especially comfortable and can interfere with meditation.

What to Wear When Practicing Tai Chi

Clothes that are soft, lightweight and supple are ideal. Soft fabric won’t be distracting during the Tai Chi meditation; lightweight material won’t restrict movement; and supple cloth allows you to assume many postures with ease. Tai Chi clothing is usually made of cotton, linen or silk. A lot of practitioners prefer linen trousers because the fabric is cool in warm weather. It’s also a lot stronger than silk and can withstand a lot of wear and tear. However, the traditional Chinese Tai Chi masters of former generations always wore silk garments, since the fabric was so widely available. If silk and linen aren’t options for your Tai Chi clothes, cotton is a viable alternative. Cotton is inexpensive and is quite cool.

While most Tai Chi garments are made of black and white materials, there are no hard and fast rules about color. Some schools of Tai Chi do designate a specific color for their uniforms.

Cotton + Silk Tai Chi Taikyoku Exercise Clothes Sports Clothing Garment Apparel - Dark Blue NSC-36492Cotton + Silk Tai Chi Taikyoku Exercise Clothes Sports Clothing Garment Apparel - Light Yellow NSC-36508Flax Tai Chi Taikyoku Exercise Clothes Sports Clothing Garment Apparel - White NSC-36447Cotton + Silk Tai Chi Taikyoku Exercise Clothes Sports Clothing Garment Apparel - Black NSC-36484

In other Tai Chi schools, uniforms aren’t required. Some ask their students to wear a printed shirt instead. The typically white shirt bears the logo of the school, or the Chinese characters for Tai Chi. Students are responsible for getting their own trousers.

Of course, the clothing you wear to perform Tai Chi has nothing to do with ability. A person who is highly skilled in Tai Chi can perform it in the middle of a desert wearing next to nothing. But it is helpful to wear the most comfortable clothing possible when practicing Tai Chi, as ill-fitting garments usually make it nearly impossible to meditate. However, it’s possible you will discover that you can easily do Tai Chi wearing a parka in a toasty living room! Here we have different kinds of Tai Chi suits in various colors for you on tinydeal.com and hope you will enjoy our Tai Chi practice everyday.

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