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iOS 4.2: what you need to know

Let joy be unconfined: after months of anticipation, every Apple fan’s greatest wish has come true. That’s right: we can finally get rid of the Marker Felt font in Notes. But it turns out that there are some other useful … Continue reading

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DIY Decorative Wall Art Sticker

A beautiful home is anyone’s dream and beautifying the home is an ongoing process. Many decorative options are available now, and decorative wall stickers are ideal options to give a new look to your home in a cost-effective manner. The … Continue reading

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Metal design superior lanchen HD BM569 Netizen beta _ lanchen MP3 review

MP3 channel on October 29, total man like healthy style of digital products. Recently got a tough lanchen new style of the “Ocean” BM-569, dive for sharing network. Although Lanchen metal series into one, but I dare say, lanchen BM-569 … Continue reading

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Windows Phone 7 vs. Android 2.2 vs. iOS 4.1 – Features Comparison

With Windows Phone 7 nearly ready for market, the competition in smartphones has escalated to the next tier. Google Android has momentum on its side, while Apple has profit margins on its side. Apple’s iOS , Google’s Android OS and Windows Phone … Continue reading

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Nintendo Introduces Video Games That Can Play Themselves

Worried that today’s kids are getting lazy? Well brace yourself: Nintendo’s new video games can play themselves. Just what is the world coming to? In a move to help struggling gamers negotiate tricky parts of a game, Nintendo has started releasing … Continue reading

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How to Choose Colors of Fashion Jewelry

Color is one of the major factors considered when determine your look today, especially the color of fashion jewelry. For most people they will choose jewelry’s color according to individual interest and hobby. Some experts say that color is full … Continue reading

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Lovely Stylish Pure Tone Puppy Dog Iriver iPet i10 MP3 Trial Review

In this modern society, only creative novelties full of featured characteristics will be popular. After Mickey style Mplayer eyes MP3, numerous manufacturers continuously release various mini and lovely styled MP3 to occupy MP3 market. Recently a mini pure tone MP3, … Continue reading

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Mickey’s 82nd Birthday

MICKEY MOUSE, Walt Disney’s most famous character, made his screen debut on November 18, 1928, as star of the first sound cartoon, Steamboat Willie. Since his debut, Mickey Mouse has become an international personality whose success laid the financial foundation … Continue reading

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Four-leaf Lucky Clover, Emblem of Luck & Fortune

Four-leaf lucky clover, whose scientific name is alfalfa, is native to Europe and America and belongs to perennial herb. Generally there are there leaves. What’s interesting and strange, among the a hundred thousand alfalfas you may only find one alfalfa … Continue reading

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Android 2.3 rumours: what you need to know

While earlier rumours were suggesting that Gingerbread was the code name for Android 3.0, we now know that Gingerbread is Android 2.3, which makes Honeycomb Android 3.0. Android 4.0 is rumoured to be code named Ice Cream. Google CEO Eric … Continue reading

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