1/3 of the infected PC become zombies _ System security

Recently, Microsoft’s latest security SIR survey shows currently infected PC in one third of the degenerated into a “zombie Zombie Computer.”

The so-called Zombie Computex is the hacker remote control, as a member of the botnet to attack a computer. In the second quarter of 2010, each three infected computers in a transformed into zombies zombies are often exploited behind the control to launch illegal network attacks, but users typically on this knowledge. Hackers can be false information or the transmission of spam, phishing attacks, Dos distributed denial of service requests, phishing, etc.

Microsoft senior engineer Rowena · Porto Alegre GE said, one of the most widely spread is known as the “Win32/Waledac” zombie virus and “Win32/FakeSpypro” false kill soft program.

Usually family computer can see Win32/Alureon, Win32/Hamweq, and Win32/IRCbot and other malicious programs.

It is understood that, in view of the increasing number of ordinary PC users unfortunate infected zombie virus, Microsoft recommends that these user compulsory isolation from the Internet, until thoroughly clear permission in threats and security into the network.

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