Inappropriate Use of Alarm Clocks —- the Killer of Health

Most people have become the slaves of alarm clocks before they notice it. Whenever waked up by alarm clocks, many will feel reluctant to get up, just turn off the alarms and continued to sleep for a while until they have to get out of bed eventually or they will be late. Maybe this belongs to part of your everyday life. Usual OT and occasional drunk are very common in nowadays, which may result in getting up late. Than a clock becomes a must have for our everyday now. Especially our cell phone alarms, nearly all people who get a cell phone will depend on them. However, seldom notice that inappropriate use of alarm clock will be the killer of our health.

Excessively loud alarms contribute to hypertension

According to American Magazine Prevention, whoever gets out of bed after the several alarms will be more sleepy and out of spirit instead. Many workers adjust loud alarms. Noised by loud sound for a long time may result in hypertension. Because when the person is in deep sleep is suddenly waked up by alarm clocks, it will cause body’s protective reflex, contributing to quick increase of body adrenaline level, acceleration of heartbeat and increase of vascular systolic blood pressure. Suffering from this kind of stimulation for a long run, it may case a series of sleeping problems, even hypertension.

Suggestion: alarm clocks should be placed at lease 1m far away. You had better choose some light music as alarm ring tone and adjust the volume to a suitable level. Besides, never lay a clock besides or under you pillow. The best place will be on the tables besides you bed.

Never apply cell phone as alarm clock

Many people prefer to cell phone as alarm clocks, since repetive alarm is available. However, this may make your body suffer from more electromagnetic radiation. Thus never use cell phone as clock and lay it under you pillow.

Electronic clocks is suggested

According to research, one may usually turn off a clock with the familiar alarm ringtone since our brain tends to neglect the sound we hear everyday. Therefore, prepare two or three alarm ringtones or a romantic music to wake you up, because music can boost the circulation of brain oxygen and blood so that one can raise his/her spirit. At this moment preparing two or more decent electronic clocks will do you a favor, since there are no clock ticks to bother you and the alarm can be melody with suitable voice volume. I like these clocks on, at least they can show me what I need.

Novelty Digital Alarm Clock with Wheels Auto Seek& Hide Run-Around Away Wake-up& Catch-Me HLI-4310

  • When alarm, the clock “runs” around and away
  • With backlighting for 3 seconds when press any button
  • A random alarm beep pattern
  • A flashing screen when beeping / running
  • An early low battery warning

Film Action Board Style Digital Desktop/ Wall Mounted Alarm Clock Home& Office Decoration AC 230V HLI-14806

  • Features RGB LEDs display with glossy face
  • With “alive” 1/10 sec digital movement
  • Displays time& date:
  • — hour, minute and seconds in 24H format
  • — day, month& year

Colorful Starry Sky Projection& Canoro Rhythm Play Bedside LED Alarm Clock with Temperature Sensor HLI-15521

  • Romantic projection clock with temperature sensor
  • Changes color accompanied with canoro music rhythms and twinkling starry light
  • Shows time& date with 8 seconds auto-off blue backlight
  • Timer function available
  • Alarm& snooze function
  • 12/ 24 hour and ℃/ ℉ optional

Magic 3-Mode Sound Activated Digital Mirror Clock Timer with Alarm HHI-20248

  • With three modes:
  • — sound activated mode: LCD displays by clapping hands and tapping table etc.
  • — touch-tone mode: LCD displays by touching buttons on the back
  • — mirror mode: being used as a mirror
  • LCD displays time, date, month and year
  • Featured with three groups of alarm
  • With snooze function, chime every 5 minute (chime 3 times Max.)
  • 8pcs of music for your choice

Translucent 7 LED Desktop Clock Timer Calendar with Digital Thermometer HHE-5723

  • Display date, time, and temperature by turns
  • 12/ 24 hours format selection, and timing alarm
  • Centigrade and Fahrenheit temperature display
  • Calendar of any year between 2000 and 2099 inquiry
  • Count-down time less than 180 minutes and 59 seconds
  • Seven-color LED smoothly transitions from time to time
  • 8 groups of world famous music are enjoyable

LCD Digital Thermometer Alarm Clock Timer Calendar Green HHE-5731

  • Large screen displays year, month, time, and temperature
  • Timing alarm for every day, and supports dozing
  • Centigrade and Fahrenheit temperature display
  • Birthday celebration/ special event alarm function
  • Count-down time up to 24 hours
  • 12/ 24 hours display format selection
  • With 8 groups of world famous chimes

Digital Clock+ Timer+ Pen Holder >>More

Digital Calendar Clock+ Timer+ Alarm+ Temperature+ Pen Holder FUB-14924

  • 3” LCD alarm clock with calendar, time display, date, month and days of the week
  • 12H/ 24H format selectable
  • Alarm music selectable
  • Countdown timer
  • Fahrenheit or Celsius Temperature display
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