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Acer’s Android, Windows 7 Tablets Heat Up the Tablet Wars

News Analysis: Acer’s new crops of Microsoft Windows7 and Google Android tablets will add more competition to this red-hot market. Acer’s announcement that the company would begin selling a line of tablet computers as well as a large-screen smartphone is … Continue reading

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The Benefits Of MP4.

MP4 players are now been worn by some of the greatest minds – as Cambridge and Oxford university become podcast rivals. There are all sorts of ways to enjoy the benefits of MP4. First, as an online consumer, you can … Continue reading

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1/3 of the infected PC become zombies _ System security

Recently, Microsoft’s latest security SIR survey shows currently infected PC in one third of the degenerated into a “zombie Zombie Computer.” The so-called Zombie Computex is the hacker remote control, as a member of the botnet to attack a computer. … Continue reading

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Top 10 Reasons to Go Fishing

Have you experienced fishing but took you all day just to find out that it caught trash. This might be a comic situation but yes, it happens, right? There is no need to convince the thousands of avid outdoors men … Continue reading

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Apple Buys Former HP Headquarters in Cupertino

As Apple rolls out Black Friday deals on products, it also purchases the land under rival HP’s former headquarters. Computer maker Apple has purchased a large tract of land on the site of technology rival Hewlett-Packard’s former headquarters in Cupertino, … Continue reading

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Top 12 Christmas gifts for PS3 owners

Buying Guide: PlayStation 3 accessories for Christmas Nothing pleases gamers more than being given something to help them get more from their plastic pride and joy. To help out with what to pick, we’ve rounded up 12 of the best … Continue reading

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Black Friday

Black Friday is the retail industry’s name for the day after Thanksgiving, when department stores and retailers offer huge sales and deals. The day is called “black” because the retailers go “in the black,” i.e., make a profit. In addition … Continue reading

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Inappropriate Use of Alarm Clocks —- the Killer of Health

Most people have become the slaves of alarm clocks before they notice it. Whenever waked up by alarm clocks, many will feel reluctant to get up, just turn off the alarms and continued to sleep for a while until they … Continue reading

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Top Ten Ways to Cook a Thanksgiving Turkey

Ha-ha, happy Thanksgiving Day. Prepare for tonight dinner now? You may be interesting in the following ideas. Many of us are out looking for the big awkward bird that some don’t know how to handle properly: the turkey. Turkey is … Continue reading

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Investigation about Interest in Buying for Gifts, iPad Comes First

According to Investigation Organization Nielsen, among favorite gifts 31% of American kids longing for in the next 6 months, iPad comes the first in all the electronics. The result is as follow: iPad (31%) and iPod Touch (29%) even exceed … Continue reading

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