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Several Cute Amazing Mousepad for you

Mousepad is a surface for enhancing the usability of a computer mouse. There is something far more important reason to own some. The three most important reason of owning the mousepad are higher speed, more precision, and comfort for the … Continue reading

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DIY Crystal LED Wishing Bottle — Magic and Romantic

Do you believe in destiny or fortune? From time to time, we may wish a meteor sliding across the sky when we confront with any tough trouble, for example, when you are sick, miss someone, or lose your job. Everyone … Continue reading

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Are we running out of touchscreens?

Indium tin oxide is one of the key raw materials used to make touchscreens for our tablet PCs, smartphones and gadgets, yet the latest warnings are that supplies may well run out in the next decade. Indium is an expensive … Continue reading

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13 Super Creative Costume Ideas for Halloween

Forget the sexy nurses and sparkly vampires – this Halloween, score more treats as a living Marvel character or a 3D paper model of yourself. It’s tough coming up with a truly creative Halloween costume, but these 13 ideas are … Continue reading

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Adobe Air 2.5

Adobe Integrated Runtime (Air) allows developers to build rich internet applications using the likes of flash, HTML or Ajax, and the move from desktop to mobile and TV is a significant one for the company. Samsung’s SmartTV will be the … Continue reading

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Is this a spy camera?

Have you ever dreamed of acting as James Bond?  Spy Cameras shown on this article will help you dream come into true. You can use this hidden Camera to take records securely. Hidden surveillance Cameras have become popular for household surveillance, … Continue reading

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New Apple MacBook Air review

The smaller MacBook Air is now just 0.3cm thick at its thinnest edge and there’s an 11.6-inch model arriving to sit alongside the re-engineered 13.3-inch baby. We took one of the 13.3-inch versions with us and here are our first … Continue reading

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cute piggy banks

why do we save our coins in a Piggy Bank? Because someone made a mistake. During The Middle Ages, in about the fifteenth century, metal was expensive and seldom used for household wares. Instead, dishes and pots were made of … Continue reading

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21 best free Android games

Let’s be honest – finding 21 good free games on the Android Market was a bit of a task. There’s a lot of junk out there, but fortunately, there are gems within the junk. We’ve worked our way through a … Continue reading

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Will Apple’s Culture Hurt the iPhone?

SAN FRANCISCO — If you want a smartphone powered by Google’s Android software, you could get Motorola’s Droid 2 or its cousin, the Droid X. Then there is the Droid Incredible from HTC, the Fascinate from Samsung and the Ally … Continue reading

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