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The Flintstones celebrate 50 year anniversary with a Google doodle

Yabba-Dabba-Doo! It’s been fifty years since the first time we heard Fred Flintstone giving his memorable salute. The first The Flintstones episode was aired on September 30, 1960 and was aired on ABC. The last episode was aired on April 1, 1966. The cartoon … Continue reading

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13 Realistic Decorative Artificial Fake Fruits

Quirky, fun, decorative, realistic, depending on the style or design you want when you decorate with artificial fruits. Artificial fruits make wonderful centerpieces for everyday display and for any holiday or special occasion. You will find endless ways to decorate with … Continue reading

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Windows Phone 7: 21 things you need to know

Windows Phone 7 will be out later this year – probably 21 October in the UK  - and the jury is very much still out on whether Microsoft can finally compete with the iPhone and the up-and-coming might of Android. … Continue reading

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10 Reasons Why Google Becoming the Next Company People Love to Hate

Over the past 12 years since its inception, Google has become a trusted solution for people around the globe. It has been the average person’s search tool, it has delivered its mobile software to a growing number of consumers, and … Continue reading

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Apple Allied with Verizon About to Issue iPad 2nd Next Year

With the market of iPhone 4 and iPad spreading to more districts and countries, people focus on these two Apple products again. Ashok Kumar, an analyst from American Investment Bank Rodman Renshaw, stated one week ago, Apple is accelerating the … Continue reading

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Hope in Flight – Sky Lantern

KongMing Sky Flying Lantern (Sky Lanterns) are very Chinese traditional which is first invented and found in the history of “The Three-Kingdom Period’. It is to be taken as a signal of the armies. People now launch it to convey … Continue reading

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Opt for your cosplay idol!

When it comes to cosplay,many people will become very excited. Cosplay is a very famous game,many young people like cosplay very much. After I have got a further understanding upon cosplay and I have saw some cosplay performance, I find … Continue reading

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Different Memory cards

There are Currently 12 different types flash memory cards in market including 1. XD Card 2. TransFlash Card 3. Smart Media(SM) Card 4. Mini-SD Card 5. SD (Secure Digital) Card 6. RS-MMC (Reduced Size MMC) Card 7. MMC (Multimedia Card) … Continue reading

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About Lumen, Flashlight and LED

When I’d no idea of flashlights or LED about one and half an month ago, I posted a topic raising many questions on Web forums. One of the questions was what does the word “lumen” mean. Some kindhearted friends answered … Continue reading

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Billigst-Tablet: Indien versucht sich am 35-Dollar-Pad

Das indische Bildungsministerium macht ernst: Das sagenumwobene 35-Dollar-Tablet geht tatsächlich in Produktion. Den Auftrag hat ein einheimischer Hersteller bekommen, der sich schon einmal durch eine Billigst-Produkt-Ankündigung hervorgetan hat und ein Stück Historie mit Apple teilt. Die Ankündigung des indischen Erziehungsministers … Continue reading

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